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SP 305

SP 305

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CCP has a brand new Schwing SP 305 trailer pump available for purchase. Pump comes with auto greaser and wireless remote. Please contact us for pricing.


Concrete Output Per Hour 30 cu yds
Maximum Pressure on Concrete 625 psi
Maximum Aggregate Size 0.75 in
Concrete Cylinder Diameter 5 in
Concrete Cylinder Stroke Length 30 in
Differential Piston/Rod Diameter 2.5/1.75 in
Outlet Diameter 4 in
Concrete Valve Type Transfer Tube
Shifting Cylinders 2
Max. Pump Strokes Per Minute 40
Volume Control 0% to Maximum
Hydraulic System Open Loop
Main Hydraulic Pump A10VO45
Hydraulic Pressure 2500 psi
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 35 gal
Engine Model – Diesel Tier 4 F CAT® 2.2
Engine Power 48.8 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity 19 gal
Hopper Capacity 8 cu ft
Hopper-Height 51 in
Axle Single Standard
Axle Capacity Rating 5500 lbs
Tires ST 225/75 R12
Brakes Electric
Outrigger Legs Manual Standard
Length 146 in
Width 70 in
Height 77 in
Units Weight 4320 lbs
Dual Weight N/A
Remote Control Cable 100 ft


Features and benefits

Choose the SP 305 for concrete mixes up to 0.75-inch aggregate mixes and shotcrete projects.

  • Logical upgrade from a ball-valve pump
  • Hydraulically driven components apply up to 625 psi on the material
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Expand your pumping horizons with block-fill, shotcrete and concrete
  • LED taillights
  • Aluminum wheels

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