What size pump is needed for your project? 

Line Pumps

Our line pumps are able to handle the harshest mixes with up to 1.5 aggregate. Also works well for shotcrete projects.

  • Open loop, all-hydraulic concrete pump for fuel efficiency
  • Twin circuit hydraulics
  • Standard dual shifting cylinders
  • Standard hopper agitator
  • Long Rock Valve™ handles harsh mixes, shotcrete and grout
  • Fast cleanout with less water
  • Remote control standard
  • CAT powered
Technical Data
Concrete Boom
Pipline Diameterin.n/a
Vertical Reachft.-inn/a
Horizontal Reachft.-inn/a
Unfolding Heightft.-inn/a
Outrigger width, frontft.-inn/a
Outrigger width, rearft.-inn/a
Theoretical Concrete Outputydsn/a