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Telebelt - 126' 3"
126' 3" Telebelt with 5-Section Boom

Strong, yet lightweight and easy to control, this telebelt has a 126 feet 3 inch horizontal reach to save you time and labor. The five-section boom and fully hydraulic conveyor handle concrete slumps from 0 to 12 inches and materials ranging from sand to 4-inch rock. The outrigger design gives you quick setup in congested areas and rough terrain.

Technical Data
Concrete Boom
Pipline Diameterin.
Vertical Reachft.-in67' 2"
Horizontal Reachft.-in126' 3"
Unfolding Heightft.-in
Outrigger width, frontft.-in28' 1"
Outrigger width, rearft.-in26' 7"
Theoretical Concrete Outputyds300 yards